Keep a separate To Do list for your important Working on the Business (WOB) Activities.  That way the important things won’t get lost in amongst all of the urgent (and distracting) stuff that arrives on you desk every day.

Schedule specific times in your default diary every week to work on your business (ideally a day, but at least half a day each week).

  1. Pick a time when you are at your mental best.
  2. Give it high priority.
  3. Turn off emails.
  4. DON’T answer the phone.
  5. DON’T schedule appointments over the top of it!
  6. Pick the #1 priority item from your WOB list and focus on that and nothing else.

In the SMART-Connect office we have a WOB Board so the WOB List is always top of mind.  Around 65% of people are predominantly visual thinkers so if you’re one of them you’ll find this tip invaluable.

Watch the video to see how it works.


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